This web site is set up For the formation of a Chapter of Research

Please Read

The pages on this site have been named to provide different topics for the members and potential members to give feedback

The site is to help with the startup of the chapter as things move forward the site will become less important in the formation and move more towards informing everyone of the relivant information about joining the chapter and start date

All the information on the site is just a starting point each page will develop with the feed back from the site members

The pages has the following structure :-

  1. Red text Manditory ( by Provincial/Supreme)
  2. yellow background possible bye-law
  3. Green text Decided by committee

What we require of YOU on this site :-

  1. We require you to comment on the information
  2. If you don’t agree with something say what it is
  3. If you have a suggestion give it to us

What we will do :-

  1. Keep you informed as to the progress
  2. Email Changes/updates (if requested)
  3. Send Applications forms at appropriate time



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