As with any Chapter we need Bye Laws Which will hopefully be enacted before our first meeting

some of the Proposed Laws are

  1. Membership by Affiliation only
  2. Must be a Member of a  chapter (from Scottish Constitution) (see Here)
  3. Member from other Constitution must be a  Royal Arch(this will be determined by supreme rules)
  4. .       Only Past Principal can take the chair  ( required by Provincial )
  5. Office bearers Must be a member of the chapter for at least 1 month
  6. Trustees of the chapter will consist of the following offices Scribe E, Treasurer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Principals and IPZ
  7. Auditors for the following year will be appointed at the AGM
  8. Membership Fee to be set at AGM
  9. No Degrees confered by chapter on candidates
  10. a paper MUST be done at every meeting
  11. Meeting to be held 3 times a year on 5th week of month (see here)
  12. Meetings will be held in (Premises)
  13. Chapter will have Provincial Representation ( if anyone is available)
  14. chapter will Honour all masonic toasts

 The ones in Red are manaditory and cannot change

other pages with information that will form part of the byelaws will be highlighted like this

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