Chapter Name

At Present the idea is to resurect a dormant chapter  of wait and  take over a chapter which is about to fold 

to keep things moving i  have emailed Provincial Grand Scribe E

Requesting information on the process of re-opening a dormant chapter

The suggested Chapter is Glasgow Commercial No 50  as this Chapter is Dormant and the oldest in Glasgow, I think it would be great to Keep it going in a new form as a Chapter of Research

If this is the case we would get any funds which is held by Supreme (however much it may be)

The office bearers regalia is still held by members of the chapter (who may be good enough to return it if we resurect the chapter)

I have asked for information in ammending the name to include chapter of research

so it would be Glasgow Commercial  chapter of research No 50

Members of the Dormant chapter would automatically be members of the new chapter and may take a active part or come along to meetings

I will keep you all informed as to any information i recieve


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