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  1. Question: Can we require members to be members of a Cryptic Council and Lodge & Council also?
    This research Chapter would simply be a Royal Arch Chapter and
    therefore there would be no requirement for the members to be also
    members of a L&C and C.C., this would allow any visitors either from
    Scottish Constitution or from any other Constitution to become

    Question: Membership from another constitution. Will they also have to be a member of Royal Arch, Cryptic, Lodge & Council (This poses the greatest problem as not all constitutions have affinity in all the degrees with Supreme) or can we allow them to be only members of the Royal Arch but exclude them from meetings that discuss Cryptic or Lodge & council or can they only join the mailing membership
    My understanding is that a Lodge or Chapter of Research would a
    regular meetings ask someone to deliver a paper on a particular
    subject. Should that subject include references to either a lodge &
    Council or a Cryptic Council I don’t foresee any problem, there would
    be no need to exclude someone who is not a member of the associated
    degrees. If necessary a healing obligation could be administered. Membership should be open to all Royal arch Freemasons from
    any Constitution (with the exception of France, who we are not in amity with)
    Reponing Glasgow Commercial Chapter No 50
    Question: Can we amend the name to include chapter of Research?
    If you wanted to repone a Chapter then my suggestion would be a
    request to Supreme Grand Chapter to repone Glasgow Commercial Chapter
    No 50 with the new name of GLASGOW CHAPTER OF RESEARCH No 50.

    Question: Can we make the member who joins on day 1 founder members?
    If reponing a chapter then there would be no need to sign up founder
    members, people would just affiliate for the appropriate fee.

    Question: Can we have a dedication ceremony on our first meeting?
    I wouldn’t think that a full dedication ceremony would be appropriate,
    that’s not to say that some kind of rededication would be appropriate.

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