formation Committee

We need people to help in deciding the rules of the chapter  and with the interest in a chapter of research being quite good  we cannot have everyone on the committee but will take into consideration  what the membership of this site thinks

The committe members are :-

David Gillies   P.Z   St.John No.257

Ronnie Love P.Z  Maryhill No. 296

John N Steel P.Z  Tolbooth & Catherdal No 67 Past Grand Superintendent of Glasgow

Robert Geddes P.Z  St. Vincent Plantation No. 259

Robert McFarlane  P.Z   St. Andrew of Glasgow No 69

Alan Cuthill  P.Z.  Partick  No 113

These are the confirmed members at the moment

Other members to be confirmed  (maximum of 9 )

Although you may not be on the committee we do appreciate your input on all topics on the site  everyones suggestions will be taken into consideration  before decisions are made


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