Requirements for Membership

Must be a member of (from Scottish Constitution)

Royal Arch

Membership from other Constitutions

Royal Arch Chapter who’s grand body has affinity with Supreme Grand Chapter


Types of Membership

  1. Full Membership By Affiliation only
  2. Honorary Membership (Must be member of a Chapter)
  3. Digital Membership Must be in Royal Arch(for thise interested in receiving a copy of lectures ) Annual fee
    (No rights to vote or hold office only lectures available)

Office Bearers

  1. Only Past Principals can hold the chair
  2. Must be a Full member to hold office
  3. Must be a member fora minimum of 1 month
  4. Installation of office bearers will be every 2 years with a re-obligation the second year


Visiting the chapter

  1. Any Royal arch Companion is Welcome to Visit the chapter
  2. Companions From other constitutions In agreement with SGRAC can visit the Chapter


 possible byelaw


Membership — 1 Comment

  1. my personal view is that everyone should be a member of the crypic and Mariners as we work under SGRAC ehich worksthese degrees and to be a true chapter of reasearch under the Scottish constitutoion we should include reseach in these degrees also this will give the scotish point of view on the web concerning where these degrees fit in in our masonic career

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