The Question on where we will meet depends on a number of factors

These are:-

  1. Premises available
  2. Dates Available
  3. Cost of Rent

There are other factors to consider  but less important

  1. Bar available
  2. Kitchen Available
  3. Use of Furniture
  4. Use of Regalia

At Present i will be writing to a number of Masonic Lodges in Glasgow to enquire if we could rent thier hall on the last week day of January, March and September But due to this possibly being a Friday night this may limit the number of Lodges willing to accomodate us

This will become part part  of our byelaws


Premises — 1 Comment

  1. Ardery st. Halls £ 60 per meeting

    has a royal Arch chapter whos furniture and carpet we could use
    has a Bar and Kitchen

    Availability to be determined

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