The chapter will deal with Research into the following ·

  1. Organization History
  2.  Symbols
  3.  Ceremonies of the orders
  4.  Antiquities
  5.  Characters of the orders
  6. Old Ritual Workings


My understanding is that a Lodge or Chapter of Research would at regular meetings ask someone to deliver a paper on a particular subject. Should that subject include references to either a lodge & Council or a Cryptic Council I don’t forsee any problem, there would be no need to exclude someone who is not a member of the associated degrees. Membership should be open to all Royal arch freemasons from any Constitution.
(with the exception of France, who we are not in amity with)     
From M.E.C John Steel


The chapter will Research information on all degrees under SGRAC

 To provide a True Scottish point of view in all aspects of Royal Arch Masonry to the wider audience in the following Degrees

  •  Mark master
  •  Excellent Master
  •  Royal Arch
  •  Royal Ark Mariners
  •  Red Cross of Babylon
  •  Royal Master
  •  Select Master
  •  Super Excellent Master
  •  Associated Chair Degrees
  •                Installation ceremonies

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